06 Jan 2021 • 1 minute

The Crown, the Palace, and other homes

Netflix‘s The Crown has given me a renewed (read: new) interest in the Royal Family.

I never really paid much attention my whole life. They were always there although I could never name many of its members. The show has reminded me of the Queen’s husband’s name and given me ample opportunity to practice English in as posh an accent as I can muster.

The Royal Family certainly enjoy some grand abodes. In The Crown, the Queen is often seen traveling between Buckingham Palace in London, Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and Sandringham House in Norfolk, but they currently frequent some 23 properties around the UK.

As a child growing up around Stamford in Lincolnshire, I would often visit Burghley House with the family and drink tea in the Orangery. Having taken very little interest in the history of this house, I assumed there would be some connection to the Royal Family but only after some recent Googling did I realize I was wrong; and how little I knew.

Burghley House was built between 1555 and 1587 for the sum of £21,000.

It was built for William Cecil who was advisor and treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I. His descendants have lived there ever since.

I toured the house many years ago. I can’t remember much of it at all but the grounds always retain immaculate condition and would probably look identical if we zipped back in time to see them as Capability Brown had designed.

It’s difficult to imagine the house new, it’s inhabitants stepping out five-hundred years ago and enjoying the same fresh air many visitors enjoy today. What’s unimaginable is what life might be like five-hundred years from now, but I hope those gardens are just as perfect.

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